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  • Temporary relief of joint and muscle pain

    STARBALM available in CHINA

    Partnership between Sinopharm and Novum Pharma is signed.

    On Friday the 8th of January Sinopharm, with 300.000 affiliated pharmacies and drugstores China’s largest pharmaceutical company, and Novum Pharma signed the contracts for a beautiful collaboration. The partnership was officially established at Sinopharm’s headquarter in Shanghai. With the signing of this contract Novum Pharma achieves an important next step in the history of the company and, in particularly, their brand STARBALM®. Mr. D. van Tintelen (President) speaks of a memorable moment and is looking with a positive view to the future. ‘This partnership expresses confidence in our brand STARBALM® and provides us opportunities for the entire Asian market’ he says.

    STARBALM® is currently being sold in more than 40 countries. Enjoy this moment for too long is not an option. ‘Recently we opened an office in Dubai and next to this we have plans to expand to the United States, we are already in contact with some interested parties’.

    (Photo: Mr. D. van Tintelen (right) and boardmember Sinopharm)