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    STAR BALM® is a product of the company Novum Pharma BV.

    A company that's specialized in manufacturing high quality
    OTC healthcare products, medical tools and medicines
    that can be purchased without a prescription
    at your local pharmacy and drugstore.
    Do you have any questions, comments or suggestions?
    Let us know. We will try to answer your questions
    as quickly and completely as possible

    Sponsorship request
    You would like to receive a contribution from Novum Pharma. In order to assess whether or not your application qualifies, we require some information. Novum Pharma needs to have the fully filled in form in possession a minimum of 8 weeks before the activity/project.

    ·         Date

    ·         Information organization/association/foundation/applicant

    ·         Name

    ·         Address

    ·         Postal Code

    ·         Residence

    ·         Phone number

    ·         Fax number

    ·         Contact

    ·         E-mail

    ·         Website

    ·         What is the goal of your organization/association/foundation?

    ·         Why did you approach Novum Pharma with this application?

    ·         Activity/project

    ·         Name of the activity/project

    ·         Description of the activity/project

    ·         Where is the activity/project taking place?

    ·         When is the activity/project taking place?

    ·         Which goal is the organization striving for with this activity/project?

    ·         What do you expect Novum Pharma to contribute?

    ·         Does the goal have a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) character? Yes No

    ·         If yes, how does this express itself?

    ·         Is there a relationship with socially, political or religious influences? Yes No

    ·         Which target group(s) do you want to reach with this activity/project?

    ·         Has the activity/project been organized before? Yes No

    ·         Is the activity/project going to be organized again in the future? Yes No

    ·         If yes, with what frequency?

    ·         How many visitors/participants are you expecting? (per day/for the entire event)

    ·         Are there risks involved for participants/spectators or the environment? Yes No

    ·         If yes, which?


    ·         How is the activity/project being brought under the attention of publicity?

    ·         Is the press going to be invited for the start of the activity/project? Yes No

    ·         If yes, which?

     Service in return

    ·         Which possibilities for publicity and/or different service in return can you offer Novum Pharma?

     Other parties

    ·         Have you requested (financial) sponsorship from other parties? Yes No

    ·         Which sponsors/contributors have agreed?

    Post Address

    PO Box 253

    2200 AG Noordwijk

    The Netherlands