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  • FAQ

    STAR BALM® products are easy to use products.
    Before, during or after exercising. STAR BALM® can be used
    as 'warm up' for the muscles, but also durin,
    and after exercising.

    Where can I use STAR BALM® for?

    STAR BALM® can be used if you suffer from stiff
    muscles or joints. STAR BALM® provides relief and makes
    sure your muscles become smooth again.

    What's the best time to apply STAR BALM®?

    Before, during or after exercising. STAR BALM® can be used
    as 'warm up' for the muscles, but also during,
    and after exercising. The brand new product of STAR BALM®
    Fast Cold Packs is designed to instantly counter the
    swelling of bruises and other injuries.

    What's the difference between STAR BALM® White and STAR BALM® Red?

    STAR BALM® White is a balm with a normal strength.
    STAR BALM® Red is a balm that provides extra warmth.

    What's the difference between the Massage oil and the Massage lotion?

    The lotion is water based and less greasy.
    The lotion provides extra warmth.

    Are there any risks in using the STAR BALM®?

    The treated area (s), must not be closed with
    breathable fabrics! Burns may occur when doing this.

    I've got a sensitive skin.Can I use STAR BALM®?

    STAR BALM® can cause a allergic reaction for people with a sensitive skin.
    First test STAR BALM® on a small area before using..

    Are there any warnings that I have to take into account?

    STAR BALM®'s products are intended for external use on intact skin. Avoid inhalation and contact with eyes and other sensitive body parts.

    What's the best way of storing STAR BALM®?

    Store in original container between 2°C and 25°C.

    Is there an expiration date related to the products?

    Yes, this is indicated on the product. For example Exp. 07-2015.